Boolean Dice

A Dice Set


I invented Boolean Dice in early 2004 as my present for the Gathering for Gardner. The theme of this one being "cubes", I thought this was particularly appropriate.

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A set has ten special dice. The face of each die is either White (has a round sticker) or Black (doesn't). Each die is unique. You also get this little sheet of paper that tells you what you can do with these dice. If you have any other ideas, please e-mail them to me at whuang(at-sign) I will be posting updates and other game ideas on this page.

This page is under construction, of course. In the meantime, most of the games are in the G4G6 handout


A lot of the game's inspiration comes from a really old game named "Shooters", introduced to me by David Vanover. This game came with 9 custom dice and plays very differently, although anyone who actually knows the game may see some resemblance. I have been unable to track down any other information about "Shooters"; if you do, please tell me!



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