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Tuesday, 15 November 2005

I write letters

The following is a letter I sent to the Vancouver Sun regarding an editorial they ran on Monday. (the Sun's website is terrible, but you can trust me that the editorial was largely rehashed from this National Review piece Lott wrote a few months ago.) I drew heavily on Tim Lambert's tireless work for this.

I was very disturbed today to see that you ran an editorial by John R. Lott without considering his history of willful deception, from making up fake identities to serve as puppet support or as "third-party" reviews of his own books, to making up surveys as "evidence" for his theories. Besides deliberate dishonesty, though, there is also his history of shockingly shoddy scholarship in one of his fundamental claims: that more (legal) guns leads to less crime.

In short, I do not understand why Lott's editorial was worth the space and ink it took, given the enormous problems with his credibility.

Bonus: in the course of writing this letter, I came across an old Usenet discussion from 2001 in which I found out that I had tangentially gotten into a mild flamewar with Lott's fake identity. (This was years before Rosh was unmasked as Lott.)

even better bonus: While writing as "Mary Rosh", Lott wrote:

All I have done here is parrrot what Lott wrote.

Yeah, that's pretty accurate.

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